Our experts

A group of 80 outside trainers & coaches
to better address your needs

Every day, we also work with more than 80 expert trainers & coaches, who we collaborate with according to the required goals and issues. 

As well as partners and places to organise events and move teams outside their frameworks and contexts, if required (OpenmindKfé, Zalthabar, l’Alternative, Livepoint, etc.). 

Our experts

Florence Saint Hilaire

Coach & Mentor,
Expert of High Fliers

Stéphane Fusellier

Coach Consultant
Facilitator of Teams

Patrice Birot

Relationship Coach,
Business Consultant

Sonia Daniellou

Certified Professional Coach,
Adviser to the Bordeaux Region

Jérôme Béguin

Consultant & Trainer in Sales Performance 

Tatyana Zhabina

  Digital strategy

Romaine Johnstone

Certified Professional Coach,
Trainer, Consultant

Agathe Vernerey

Certified Sophrologist

Vincent Perquia

Digital Media

Fabien Pelous

Former Captain of the French Rugby Team – Entrepreneur & Lecturer

Nicolas Morvan

Actor & Director, Posturology Consultant

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