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Interpersonal and Intercultural Efficiency Coaching

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Develop your interpersonal and intercultural efficiency with our expert coach Abigail Heathcote.

  • Have you just taken on a managerial position with a team which is virtual, multi-site, multicultural or international?
  • Are you encountering setbacks or difficulties with your international projects?
  • Do you work in English and in a remote team, bringing together different cultures and nationalities?

It’s time to start intercultural coaching!

Intercultural coaching is:

  • In French or English
  • With individuals or teams
  • Over 1 to 10 sessions of 90 minutes

What are the objectives?

  • Develop your resources and talents to succeed and reach your objectives
  • Aquire skills in intercultural and international communication
  • Understand different cultural behaviours
  • Develop your leadership in a team which is culturally diverse and dispersed
  • Learn to appreciate and leverage cultural differences
  • Negociate internationally more efficiently
  • Develop self-confidence and trust in your relationships

For whom?

  • For directors, managers, project managers, individuals, working in an intercultural and / or international environment
  • For remote, multicultural and dispersed teams
Abigail Heathcote

Coaching consulting director, intercultural and interpersonal efficiency expert. Abigail has 15 years’ experience accompanying professionals in French and international companies. Today she is also a bilingual trainer and coach with the European institutions in Brussels and Luxembourg. 

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