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More than 20 years' experience developing organisations, digital transformation and applying good practices

Our services

Our coaches and tools come from the HEC Executive Coaching course. We adopt a stance and code of ethics enabling your individual resources and collective intelligence to emerge.

A co-constructed approach

We work on your situation, talents and areas of risk. Assuming that "we all have the necessary resources within us to allow us to reach our objectives". We do this using the most appropriate solution- and results-focused approaches.

Our Key Areas

Embarking teams in company transformation and increasing the loyalty of new generations. All the while ensuring that co-workers thrive in the long-term.

  • Vision & Culture Innovation, Co-creation prototyping
  • Transversality
  • Team high points: meetings, seminars, kick offs
  • Relationship Efficiency and Fluidification
  • Organisational Coaching
  • Management and Leadership Training
  • Team Coaching
  • Coaching & Mentoring Programme
  • Project Supervision
  • Skills for tomorrow: agility, innovation, collaboration
  • Managerial Transformation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Acculturation

Who Do We Accompany and How?


Rethinking your business model? Deciding on the transformations necessary for your company? Initiating a culture of change and/or a digital culture?

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Developing the trading capacity of your teams? Accelerating productivity and collaboration? Developing a culture of change and/or a digital culture?

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Taking on a new job or position? Approaching a career transition and/ or an outplacement? Setting up or rethinking a career plan?

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Our Tools


The 360° evaluation enables the assessment of skills, aptitudes and behaviour of an individual, usually a manager, by calling on their entire professional circle.


The questionnaire of psychological types, "MBTI", by Isabel Briggs Myers, is based on Jung's typology. It helps you to understand how you work, your comfort zones and stress factors. The questionnaire is used both by teams and by individuals.


The Gallup Institute's Strengthsfinder in an innovatory tool enabling the identification of individual talents, aswell as those of teams, with a view to talent development.

Innovation Game

The Innovation Game is a different approach for conducting a group retrospective and visualisation of the future, such as the "Speed Boat".

Assigned Roles

Assigned roles and processes enable a co-responsible, playful approach to meetings


Co-development is an approach to learning based on interactions between participants and collective intelligence.


Co-creation or prototyping is a creation and collaboration process for developing agility and group innovation.


Application for running seminars and training, online quiz enabling people to respond with their smartphones.


Application enabling the design of group meetings to develop team involvement.

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Our e-Coaching Offer

Various formats available:

- Individual and/or group sessions using platforms like Skype, Zoom and Glowbl.

- Personalised spaces with documents and tools shared via OneDrive.

- Co-development groups and distance learning paths in pairs.

- Coaching, made-to-measure training and mentoring programmes.

- In France and internationally.


Examples of past interventions: 

  • Accompanying those taking on new roles at foreign branches.
  • New manager programmes for organisations throughout France and abroad.
  • Follow-up and anchoring sessions after a group seminar.
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Our Methodology

We foster close, long-lasting relationships with our clients on a win-win basis.

Co-construction of the collaboration format

Implementation, follow-up, continuous improvement

Restitution, achoring, projecting into the future