Florence Saint Hilaire

Certified Coaching Consulting Director

#SustainablePerformance #Non-standard Potentials #LiberalProfessions

Areas of Expertise

  • Individual Coaching for Executives, Managers, Liberal Professions, High Intellectual Potential/Very High Intellectual Potential and Non-standard Personalities: working on your managerial attitude, successfully taking on a strategic position, being an actor of your career, unlocking your potential by developing your relational intelligence
  • Team coaching, Executive Committees and professional relationships: involve and federate around a shared vision, valorise diversity, promote the success of a partnership or association, come out of a crisis of confidence having grown, co-development workshops
  • French-English ​

Certifications & tools

  • HEC training “Executive Coaching II – Expertise and perfection” (dissertation: “Burn-out and Bore-out: same battle?”)​

Trajectives: Optimum Coaching Relation (fundamentals of Human Development and Psychotherapy)

  • MBTI tools: Personality types (individuals and teams), TKI: Conflict Management

Impro-trainer Impr02: Improvisation techniques for Professional Agility

Professional Background

  • A solid experience in accompanying structural, operational, digital, human and managerial transformations. Management of multidisciplinary teams and strategic and/or multicultural projects (Legal Counsel – 23 years) ​
  • Sales Development for information technologies products and services (BU Bank & Insurance – 7 years), ​
  • Legal and sales training, 30 years in the IT and Digital industries (IBM France and IBM EMEA).​

A few words

“Dare to innovate to thrive by fully exploiting your potential.” As a committed humanist, by promoting creativity and the bigger picture, I aim to accelerate the understanding of relational mechanisms and unlock hidden potentials, thus enabling desired results to be reached, in a way that is ecological and sustainable.

If I were a bird, I would be a bird of the night, with large round eyes that decipher the darkness… an owl!

​TOP-5 Gallup: Learner – Responsibility – Futuristic – Strategic  – Achiever