[WEBINAR in English!] Building Professional Relationships through Online Video


Building Professional Relationships through Online Video

Interactive class

Wednesday 14th of October: 18h15 – 19h30CET

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Building Professional Relationships through online video

Whether you’re learning, buying or selling, personal relationships matter in business. But in our suddenly-fully-online world, some of the tools we’ve come to rely on – such as handshakes, eye contact and body language – are suddenly missing or profoundly changed. So, how can we continue to build personal connections on online video calls?

In this highly-interactive session in English, you’ll learn and practice some specific approaches that work.


Abigail Heathcote, coach and member of the BIRDS Collective, will be joined for this exceptional event by two guests. All three are licensed ReesMcCann facilitators. ReesMcCann are world-leading experts in creating engaging, participative online events :




Adriaan Korevaar, consultant and facilitator, expert in humanitarian organisations.




Ian Webster, organisational change consultant.


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